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05/09/2017 Johnathan Cilia General

Medicines Authority Says That Patients Need Medical Cannabis

Medicines Authority Anthony Serracino Inglott recently went on One News to explain why we need to bring in medical cannabis. He said that “it is the duty of the authorities to listen to what the people are saying, and more than just listen, take action, and that action is seeing how to get these medicines to people.”

Dr. Serracino Inglott is part of a growing medical community that includes Dr. Andrew Agius of the Pain Clinic and Dr. Godfrey Farrugia, a specialist and Parliamentary Opposition Member, that is calling for a drastic change in cannabis laws.
He pointed out that patients suffering from chronic pain or other illnesses could use medical cannabis to treat their ailments but they that cannot since their medicine is deemed illegal.
While he admitted that major studies into cannabis’ efficacy are still in their early stages, he emphasises that it did’t mean we should rule anything out, or try to ignore the problem.

Most importantly, he said that it is essential that “we do not leave patients suffering” while legislators take their time in deciding the future of cannabis users in Malta.