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10/10/2017 Johnathan Cilia General

What Is The ReLeaf Manifesto?

ReLeaf Malta, through months of consultative meetings with citizens and relevant stakeholders, has written and published a manifesto with six major objectives for the Maltese government to reach in the short term. Covering all aspects of cannabis legalisation, from access to medical cannabis to personal use and growing to the taxation and regulation system, this manifesto combines elements from some of the modern successful cannabis models found around the world. From Colorado to Spain to Uruguay, the best elements from each model have been translated for our Maltese context.

The 14 page manifesto is available in both English and Maltese and is a perfect first step towards the legalisation of cannabis in Malta. The decriminalisation of cannabis will finally put an end to the failed war on drugs, and take Malta into the future as a global pioneer in both medicine as well as lawful democracy.