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14/10/2017 Releaf Press Statments

Releaf Manifesto Launch 13th October

We have been overwhelmed with the positive response we’ve received since we started working on this campaign; it has been a great, highly-motivating start to our movement’s life, and we cannot express our gratitude to the people of Malta enough. 

We are officially launching the ReLeaf Malta manifesto, a legislative framework for the government to take control of the wild west of a system we currently have and legalise and regulate the cannabis market. Medicinal users, personal users, and growers are today making their voice heard, and we are saying that now is the time to legalise cannabis in Malta.

Even now as we speak, there are normal everyday Maltese citizens being forced to buy from shady dealers who try to push them onto harder drugs. There are people being caught using cannabis, be it for medicinal reasons or personal reasons, and facing dragged out court trials and eventually even imprisonment and a large fine they cannot begin to pay. 
Instead of helping these Maltese citizens recover, instead of showing compassion and moral strength, we turn to punishment and condemnation. Today, we declare this taboo is over.
With countries all around the world changing their cannabis laws, and places like USA and Canada leading the way, we say it’s time for Malta to take a brave step forward and become the pioneers of cannabis legalisation in Europe. The Maltese government has already made steps towards a more compassionate model, which we welcome, but we believe more can be done.

Malta is perfectly positioned to legalise cannabis, regulate it, tax it, and ensure that all products are tested and labelled. The opportunities in terms of job creation, innovation and economic growth are endless. But more than that, the opportunities to show compassion and solidarity with the Maltese people who are demanding that they be treated like normal citizens, and not criminals.

Today, we release the ReLeaf manifesto with the hopes that the ideas found within will be implemented in Maltese society. The manifesto has 6 clear goals, and provides a summary of a framework based on 5 other successful cannabis models found around the world. It provides a realistic and harm reduction approach that puts the safety of minors and non-users first.

Most of all though, it treats the topic of cannabis in a sensible manner.

Here are some of the main points found in the ReLeaf manifesto:

  • Legal to consume cannabis if you are over the age of 21.
  • Access to medical marijuana with a prescription.
  • Grow up to six plants in a private space.
  • Legal to carry up to thirty grams of cannabis
  • Assurance of a safe and quality-tested product.
  • Licenses to industrially grow or sell cannabis.
  • Purchase up to five grams of cannabis from a licensed establishment.
  • Create local cannabis social clubs.
  • Access to oils, edibles, or alternative forms of cannabis

You can download the manifesto in both English and in Maltese from . We will also hosting a launch event with live music this evening at Funky Monkey where you can get a copy of the manifesto for free, as well as find out more information about us.