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10/01/2018 Releaf General / ReLeaf Meets

ReLeaf Meets Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

Today ReLeaf had the honour of holding our first formal meeting with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the second with Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli to discuss cannabis legalisation in Malta.

We were happy to see that medicinal cannabis - such as CBD oil - will be fully available in pharmacies in the coming months, and that we have an assurance from the government that the medicine will be maintained at an affordable price and in an accessible way. 

We were also heartened to confirm the government's commitment to seeing through a harm reductive model on the personal use of cannabis over the next years. 

The government is focused on finalising and instituting the medicinal cannabis bill across Malta before it fully turns to personal use. But it has started consulting with foreign experts and is following closely other countries and US states that have taken steps towards legalisation.

We would like to full-heartedly thank the Prime Minister and the Parliamentary Secretary, as well as Mr John Ellul, for hearing our concerns, being transparent with us and for tackling this important issue now rather than later.