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27/03/2018 Releaf Press Statments


ReLeaf welcomes the legalisation of medical cannabis in Malta. 

Maltese citizens can now benefit from the therapeutic opportunities the cannabis plant offers in a relatively unrestricted manner. While there is space for further clarity on things such as the accurate labelling of THC vs CBD, as well as the improvement of the necessary differentiation between THC/CBD medicine and CBD-only medicine, this is a positive step forward for the Maltese healthcare system on the whole.

It is now essential that the government keeps the price of the medicine affordable for patients, and commits itself to putting patients health first and foremost with this new bill. 

One issue with the bill is the restricted list of eligible conditions. Internationally recognised conditions treatable by cannabis such as glaucoma, epilepsy and nausea, to name a few, are not recognised by the Maltese government. We hope that this is rectified in due time to include Maltese sufferers of these illnesses.

There is another segment of the population that has been overlooked in this new legislation. Maltese sufferers should seek treatment as they see fit, in a regulated manner and under prescription by a doctor if it is demonstrably aiding the patients’ health. As such, there is no reason why a Maltese patient, on doctor’s orders and in a controlled manner, cannot grow and obtain their medicine if that is the best course of action for the patient.

We hope that breaking this barrier in Malta’s perception of medical cannabis will lead to further research and cooperation with international entities, as well as a greater prosperity for the Maltese people in the short and long term.