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16/02/2018 Releaf General / ReLeaf Meets

Recreational Marijuana: A Student's Approach

ReLeaf was invited to participate in 'Recreational Marijuana: A Student's Approach' organised by the Junior College Student's Council.

Eric from ReLeaf was on the panel alongside a representative from Sedqa and Dr. John Ellul from the Office of the Prime Minister.

We are happy to see that all three panelists were in agreement that the war on drugs has failed, and that teen use of cannabis was an issue in Malta that we had to face.

Many students said they used cannabis, and it was relieving to hear the other panelists confirm that cannabis has never killed anyone - it is a change from the scaremongering of the past, and we welcome this more honest approach from the authorities.

More than anything, all three panelists agree that something needed to be done - and as far as ReLeaf is concerned, the only way to tackle all the problems raised in the discussion is through full legalisation and regularisation of cannabis in Malta.

ReLeaf agrees with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on this: Cannabis truly is the future of Malta.