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20/04/2018 Releaf Press Statments


ReLeaf welcomes the approval of the Production of Medicinal Cannabis Act by the Maltese parliament. 

ReLeaf has been closely monitoring discussions in the House of Representatives and positively notes that the majority of elected parties recognise the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant and are fully committed to expanding the medical cannabis industry in Malta.

It is unfortunate that some members of Parliament still have a severe lack of knowledge on what the production of medical cannabis would entail, but we fully support parliamentarians who agreed with the enacting of this bill.

One issue with the bill is that it is geared towards multinational companies to come and set up shop in Malta. The right to profit and benefit from the cannabis plant has been given to foreign companies – it is now essential that the same right be given to the Maltese people. Giving a right to foreign companies to profit from Malta while continuing to criminalise and punish Maltese who do the same thing would be a shameful thing for the government to do at this stage. 

In preparation for the this large change in policy, it would be a good idea to begin a strong information campaign about medicinal cannabis, both for people who might be working in the industry as well as doctors and pharmacists who are interested in learning more.