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05/09/2017 Johnathan Cilia General

Dr. Alex Sciberras says criminalising cannabis is

Dr. Alex Sciberras, lawyer and son of retired Judge Philip Sciberras, has written an opinion piece in the Sunday Times of Malta on the failure of the international War on Drugs. Lamenting the billions spent on this failed war, let alone considering the human suffering that has come about due to it, he simply admits that “prohibition does not work”.

All they have done is criminalise drug users, barely affect the black market and the criminal networks, and decimate communities worldwide. 

He points out that we must discriminate between different types of drugs for starters, and even goes on to point blank state that “criminalising the use of cannabis, a drug that does less harm than alcohol, is nonsensical.”

Having been elected the Mayor of Msida in 2006 on behalf of the Labour Party and now enjoys full-time employment in the Office of the Prime Minister, Sciberras is another government official that publicly supports cannabis legalisation due to the simple fact that regulating the industry is always better than leaving it to the criminals to run.

It is refreshing to see a lawyer speak so candidly on a sensitive topic, and not shy away from the facts. The War on Drugs have been an abysmal failure, and the sooner that we amend the laws the better.