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01/10/2017 Johnathan Cilia General

Releaf Malta Launches

 ReLeaf Malta, Malta's modern cannabis legalisation movement, is officially launching.

With the government of Malta showing its willingness to change the law in recent months, this organically formed organisation, many of whose members have had to hide or suffer due to their personal choices, know it is time to make their voice heard.

From medicinal use to personal use to industrial use, the applications of this popular plant is well known, and we argue that it is time that Malta legalises the cannabis plant, educates the Maltese about its myriad uses, and regulates the new cannabis industry. In this way Malta would become a global pioneer in this new billion euro industry while also reminding the world of the country's classic nickname, the "Nurse of the Mediterranean", as well as becoming an international beacon of sensibility and reason.

ReLeaf Malta will be hosting a massive launch that will include some incredible Maltese musicians, DJs and rappers. An information stand will also be set up on the day for anyone who wants more information on cannabis and to find out Malta's potential place in the global market as international laws finally change in a positive direction.

ReLeaf Malta will also be presenting their 14 page manifesto on the day, detailing the legal demands of the Maltese community. This will also be presented to parliament on the 14th as well.